Environmental Tensions And Crop Losses

Euro Green fertilizers portfolio has provided a collection of the best products usable in both organic and non-organic agriculture. These proven tools will feed crops from the soil to harvest and help them to cope with a variety of stresses and growth limiting factors. This way, crops have the potential to be genetically enhanced.

During the life cycle of crops under field conditions, they are subject to weather tensions such as frost, drought, flood and heat. As a result of these events, plants produce and accumulate chemical reactions oxygen species, VOCs, in their cell compartments.

The antioxidant potential is referred to as compounds that are capable of protecting the biological system against the deleterious effect of reactions involving reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS are toxic byproducts of oxygen metabolism. ROS have a significant role in plant signaling, growth, development, and majorly in response to environmental fluctuations. The ROS family plays a double role under various environmental stress conditions. In various key physiological phenomena, they act as secondary messengers and induce oxidative damage. ROS led to cellular damages that manifest themselves in degradation of biomolecules, which eventually amalgamate to cellular death in plants. However, ROSs are made by plants at dangerous levels under unfavorable climatic conditions. It is referred to as oxidative stress, which results in profound and irreversible damage to plant tissues and organs.


To assure survival, plants have developed efficient antioxidant machinery having two branches, that is, an enzymatic and a nonenzymatic antioxidant. Oxidative stress and damage can affect all essential developmental stages of the crop. At vegetative growth, oxidative stress leads to stunting of plants and limited root growth, resulting in delayed establishment and development. The protection of crops from early plant growth stages until harvest against oxidative stress throughout their whole life cycle is critically important. In the same way as in the case of stress-free conditions, growers are required to maintain the vigor and output of their crops under stress conditions. This will lead to a decrease in the yield of the crop at harvest. The reproductive stages of the crop are particularly susceptible to oxidative stress damage which has led to decreased fruit production and a considerable reduction on farm productivity.


Therefore, to reduce crop stress and to strengthen natural defense systems, EUROGREEN is providing nature’s compounds and terrestrial resources.

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