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Chemically reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as hydrogen peroxide or hydroxyl radicals are produced during standard plant developmental processes. ROS plays a role in various physiological processes in plants, including seed germination, root hair growth and flower pollen development. However, during unfavorable environmental conditions such as heat, drought, cold and excess water, ROS accumulates to toxic levels in plants causing oxidative stress and crop damage.

EuroAlga ® protect crops from oxidative stress  and act as a supportive media and enhance soil microbiological activity also, serve as a support material and increase soil microbiological activity.
It is very important for growers to maintain optimum soil microorganism at the earliest stages of plant growth. Microbes physically bind soil particles together by releasing by-products, thus contributing to soil aggregation and enhanced aeration.
The key role in the mineralization and release of nutrients from soil organic matter is played by beneficial microbial communities. It is also known that some beneficial microbes are capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen, converting it to a form for plant absorption. Plants can then make use of the free inorganic forms of nutrients for growth and development.